​​125 Years of Basketball

We have a beautiful, informative and exciting base 500 square foot museum & public places exhibit that is unique to the world and will anchor and enhance your local basketball history celebration.

Help us look back over the past

125 Years of Basketball!

We tell the story of how basketball came to be a sport.  You tell your history within the 125 years of the game!  You may also book the 125 Years of Basketball Anniversary Tour in your town and purchase our base exhibit, then display artifacts of your own history in an exhibit that is sure to delight and inform your community of the heritage of basketball!  Call or email us today!

2016-20 to be special!

1  Anniversary.   2  Years to Celebrate.   5  Years to Look Back.

Who should celebrate?  NBA, NCAA Basketball, High School Basketball, Collegiate Basketball

FIBA, AAU Basketball, all basketball in all nations along with related associations and corporations!

 125 Years of Basketball will be celebrated from December 1 through all of 2017 and then looking back on the history through 2020.  A tour and exhibit is available and will be showcasing the invention of the game and reviewing the 125 Years.  You can book the exhibit or tour through the contact page on this site! 

Celebrate your hoops history!



Of hoops, heritage & HOPE!

​​125 Years of Basketball Celebration, Exhibit & Tour Official Site

This event and tour brought to you by North America Marketing & Exhibit LLC (NAME LLC)

with a portion of the proceeds going to the non-profit A Better World Association (ABWA) in the spirit of the founders of basketball

and in association with Merlyn Entertainment, Celebrating Marketing Magic for 25 Years.