​​125 Years of Basketball



​​Celebrate 125 Years of Women's Basketball 2018!

1  Celebration.   2  Anniversaries.   5  Years to Look Back.

March, 22, 1893 it all began in tiny Smith College!  Celebrate women's basketball this coming season and all of 2018!

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This event and tour brought to you by North America Marketing & Exhibit LLC (NAME LLC) in the spirit of the founders of basketball

and in association with Merlyn Entertainment, Celebrating Marketing Magic for 25 Years.

We have a beautiful, informative and exciting base 500 square foot museum & public places exhibit that is unique to the world and will anchor and enhance your local basketball history celebration.

Help us look back over the past

125 Years of Basketball!

We tell the story of how basketball came to be a sport.  You tell your history within the 125 years of the game!  You may also book the 125 Years of Basketball Anniversary Tour.  Call or email us today!

Be a part of our 125 Groups!  125 Coaches, 125 Basketball Professionals,

125 Referees, the list goes on.

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Of hoops, heritage & HOPE!

Celebrate your hoops history!

125 for 125!

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