1892, January 15.  First public notice of the rules and design of the new game of basket ball, Triangle Magazine, official publication of the International Training School of the Young Men's Christian Association.  Luther Halsey Gulick, Publisher. James Naismith, Editor.  Article written by James Naismith, instructor.

1892, February 12.  First public game of basket ball played between Armory Hill and Central Young Men's Christian Association teams at School for Christian Workers gymnasium, Sherman and State Streets, Springfield, MA as noted Feb. 13 Springfield Republican newspaper.

1892, March.  James Naismith and Amos Alonzo Stagg (father of basketball and father of college football) play in public game between instructors and students at School for Christian Workers gymnasium, Springfield, MA.

1892.  First traveling basketball team...

1893.  Women's collegiate basket ball begins with two waste baskets and a foot ball at Smith College in Northhampton, MA under tutelage of Senda Berenson, who learned how the game should be played from James Naismith in Springfield. 

1905  First Intercollegiate basket ball game.

1906  National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) founded in Chicago

1922  First intercollegiate basketball tournament, the National Intercollegiate Basketball Tournament, is held in Indianapolis, IN.

1926-27  Abe Saperstein organizes the Savoy Big Five in Chicago which becomes the Harlem Globetrotters.

1936  Basketball becomes an official Olympic sport and premieres outside in the Berlin Olympic Games with Adolph Hitler looking on.  Dimes are donated at basketball games across the United States in an effort organized by University of Kansas coach Phog Allen to send James Naismith to Berlin to be a part of the Olympic introduction and toss up the first jump ball of the opening game.

1937  James Naismith and local Kansas City leaders found national tournament for smaller colleges and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) is begun. (This is currently the longest continuously running basketball event)

1938  First NIT Tournament is held.

1939  First  National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) tournament is held under National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) banner.  Oregon is crowned as first NCAA champion.

1946  National Basketball Association founded in New York City

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Here is a nice web site regarding the changes in the game: CLICK HERE

The School for Christian Workers, the first home of basketball, at State & Sherman Streets in Springfield, Massachusetts.  The gym was in the basement on the left side as you view it here.  To the right, James Naismith as he looked in 1891; inside the gym; the drawing of the first game; and 9 of the first 18 players with instructor James Naismith.  Below, "Papa Naisie" in Lawrence, Kansas later in life.



December 1, 1891. FIRST GAME Springfield, MA.  Nine players on each team, James Naismith, referee.  Final score:  1-0. 

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