​​Celebrate 125 Years of Women's Basketball 2018!

The Making of James Naismith & Basketball

Museum & Public Place Exhibit now available!  Email us from our contacts page for more details.  This is an affordable exhibit that can be a permanent part of your town or museum or even corporate headquarters and an anchor point to display your local or company's history in basketball.

We offer a unique and extensive museum & public places exhibit along with freshly published books about the first game of basketball; the incredible story of James Naismith; and a pictorial guide to the life of James Naismith with trading cards.

We offer officially approved logos and patches and other services and products, allowing every basketball team in the world to participate in the celebration!


Educate your students on the history of the game of basketball and that of your own school.  Have special events and special games, celebrate exercise, hoops, hope, and fun!  And make sure your basketball team receives the official 125th Anniversary Patches and coaches the lapel pins!



Invite the traveling tour bus and exhibit to your town and/or business.  Buy and distribute our products.  Help us write the book on basketball history around the world!  Have special exhibits of basketball history and that of your local basketball history.  The 125th Tour is sure to gain publicity and excitement!


​​125 Years of Basketball


It is time for the world to celebrate the heritage of basketball and 125 years of history of the wonderful game.  It sprung from Hope Church and now provides hope, exercise, and entertainment for millions around the globe!

We tell the heritage of basketball, you tell your own history in the game! 


Keep record of special events, players, records on the 125th season of basketball in 2017 and let us know of any special stories of HOPE!



Celebrate your league's heritage and history along with that of basketball.  Invite all teams to participate and make our logo patches and themes part of your legacy in the postseason or at a special game in 2017!  Celebrate basketball heritage at your meetings and banquets by placing our gift baskets on each table in 2017-18.

NBA, NCAA, community colleges, high schools, AAU, FIBA, amateur and professional leagues and associations throughout the world - let's all join in to celebrate a game that has brought hoops & hope, exercise & fun to the world for 125 years!